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At H.M. Gousha Insurance Services, our major theme is to "take care of our customers“!  One major element of "taking care" is providing basic risk deferring strategies through various forms of insurance. 

One of the most fundamental “protection” strategies is being sure you are not exposed to undue risk due to health considerations.  It is therefore fundamental to a sound plan to have the appropriate health insurance for you and your family or if you are a business owner for you and your employees – the H.M. Gousha Insurance Services Employee Benefits Department handles these very specialized areas.  Our department is staffed with over 60 years of cumulative experience in healthcare and we are ready to assist in the development of your health insurance and/or employee benefits plan.

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How We Can Help

The basic tenet to a solid, well thought out Financial Plan is adequate protection.  This encompasses most insurance products: life, disability, liability, car insurance etc.  Our employee benefits department specializes in one facet of protection which is assisting clients with adequate and appropriate health insurance – either individual plans or plans for small to medium size companies (with an added emphasis on tax minimization and compliance issues especially for group plans).

Our process is:

  1. Preliminary fact-finding – what are the needs, goals and objectives of the customer – we often email a questionnaire with some basic questions as well as a census form (list of who is to be covered etc.)
  2. Based on the fact-finding we prepare reports that outline suggestions for the customer to consider – this step is often just a starting point for discussions to narrow down the choices and to arrange an implementation schedule.
  3. We assist the customer in the implementation process and assure the details are completed.  Periodically we will review the customer’s plan and develop additional recommendations.
  4. Periodic reviews are scheduled where we review the implemented plans and determine if adjustments are needed.
  5. In addition, our department provides additional resources in assisting customers with any issues that may arise, acting as your advocate to assist in resolving these issues.
  6. At renewal time, we will determine if it make sense to look at alternatives and make adjustments as necessary.

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